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Solid Cologne UK

Solid Cologne UK - Leonardo

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Leonardo cologne, this awesome fragrance is inspired by Black Orchid, Tom Ford. Available in the magnetic refillable container. 


This masculine cologne starts off with tobacco leaf, followed by tonka bean and vanilla. Ending with dried fruits and woods. 


Our solid colognes add an additional element to your grooming routine. Made with natural ingredients and oils. This skin moisturising cologne includes beeswax, shea butter and jojoba oil.


Leonardo solid cologne allows you to travel and apply at will. You are able to smell good and keep fresh as well as keep your skin hydrated, soft and protected, all from the convenience from a travel friendly container. 

Simply rub or scrape small amount of cologne and apply directly on to pulse points (hands, wrists and neck).

Test for allergens before using. 

Net weight 5g. 

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