Friendly Soap

Soap Rack


Make your soap bars last longer with our eco-friendly soap rack, crafted from sustainable bamboo to keep it dry and prolong the lifespan of your soap. 

This eco-friendly soap rack is designed to lift your soap bar off the sink, shower, or tub, keeping it dry, because the drier the soap, the longer it will last.

Made from sustainable bamboo, this compact soap rack looks stylish and prolongs the life of your soap bar. It also absorbs little moisture and does not shrink or swell.

This sustainable bamboo soap rack not only helps your soap bars last longer but it helps you organise your bathroom with style.

At Friendly Soap, we are on a mission to inspire people to make greener choices when shopping. That's why our eco-friendly soap rack is made from sustainable bamboo and is entirely free from plastic. It is the perfect solution for storing your soap bar while also helping the environment.

Ingredients: Bamboo

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