Delphis Eco

Reusable Face Mask Filters - Pack of 10


Delphis Eco face mask filters are designed to be used with our black or white reusable face masks. They are made for optimal filtration whilst being easy to breathe through. 

Each face mask filter is 2.4mm thick needle punched polyester, non-woven and this  provides the primary filtration of the face mask. The random orientation of the non-woven fibres in the filter creates a fibrous web to trap particles and give the best filtration without making it hard to breathe. This non-woven filter is traditionally used as one of the filtration layers in N95 masks. 

  • Pack of 10 reusable face mask filters, for use with Delphis Eco Face Masks. 
  • Reusable face mask filters, made for optimal filtration with ultimate breathability.
  • Each face mask filter is 2.4mm thick offering great filtration. 

For product guides, information sheets and safety data sheets please send us an email.    

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