Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Strips


Smile sustainably with Peroxide free and Vegan Teeth Whitening Strips! Each strip boasts 5% activated charcoal and 3% coconut oil - perfect for naturally whitening teeth and keeping gums nourished.

Peroxide Free: Plus, these strips are peroxide-free and gentle on enamel, so you know your teeth are in safe hands.

Easy to use: just apply the strip and fold the excess behind your teeth, then leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing. Use up to 2 strips a day for maximum effect! ??

Benefits: -Removes yellowness & tartar -Activated charcoal binds to plaque & stains -Coconut oil kills viruses & bacteria -Cruelty-free & vegan ingredients!
Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Natural Cocoa, Polyvinyl alcohol, Sorbitol, Humectant, Natural Honey, Anticaking Agent, Microcrystalline Cellulose,

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