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Grow Your Own Food - Survival Seed Bank Survival Kit - 25 Premium Seed Varieties: Over 6000 seeds. Great Gardener Gift - The Conscious Seed

Survival Seed Bank Survival Kit - Grow Your Own Food

Grow your own tasty fresh herbs, salad and vegetables.

Ideal as a seed bank, gardener or prepper gift or for a veg patch, allotment or container garden.

Eco-friendly packaging

Includes over 6000 non-gmo seeds, packed in the UK, handy grow guide with sow and grow instructions and 25 biodegradable wooden plant markers. High quality seeds and germination.

25 Premium Seed Varieties:

Broccoli - Carrots - Cabbage - Tomatoes - Cucumber - Celery - Beetroot - Chilli - Lettuce - Rocket - Cress - Kale - Spinach - Lambs Lettuce - Pepper - Basil - Chives - Mint - Rosemary - Parsley - Thyme - Strawberries - Melon

Our Products:

We offer high quality, premium fresh seeds that can be grown in the garden, pots or containers. Ideal for small spaces such as windowsills, balconies and patios.

Our eco-friendly, unique and fun products encourage conscious living, meaningful giving and a new generation of growers.

Our mission is to inspire and encourage others in the UK to get growing their own through our gift kits, greeting cards and individual seed packs. We believe that growing your own food from seed can be a very rewarding experience and part of everyones life regardless of how much space or knowledge you may have.

We are passionate about creating a healthy and fun journey towards growing your own edible garden and gifting eco-friendly and sustainable products for those special occasions that will encourage people to start enjoying the benefits of plants. 

Happy Growing ? 

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