Eco Friendly Stackable Bento / Lunch Box

Eco Friendly Stackable Bento Box – Product Details:
- Lunch box for adults and kids.
- Made from sustainable materials.
- Dishwasher and microwave safe.
- Leak Proof.
- 2 Dividers.
- Wheat cutlery.
- Please note, Beegreener currently only deliver to the UK.

A beegreener bento box does not just carry your lunch from A to B. It revolutionizes your lunch routine through its sophisticated & adaptive design, high level of functionality, and adds elegance and beauty to your life. It makes a great choice for eco-savvy consumers like you!

Sustainability and Materials:
Bento Box
- 40% wheat straw.
- 60% PP.
- Genuine olive oil coated bamboo lid.

Bento strap
- 70% GRS certified Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester and 30% Natural Rubber.

Care and Benefits:
- Fully leak proof.
- Not insulated, but microwave safe.
- Microwave and dishwasher safe. (Microwave max, 3 minutes at max, 500W. Dishwasher 50°C on top rack).

Beegreener Packaging:
We use two types of packaging:
1) Paper Carton Boxes or
2) Water soluable magic mailer bags (actually it's more science than magic).
- use leftover hot boiling water and dissolve the bag and flush down the drain. No toxic residuals!
- no hot water at hand? the bags will also biodegrade in landfill.
- do not compost!

Beegreener Returns Policy:
Damaged Item:
Durability is key to sustainability! Hence, we replace instead of refunding. We will send the required replacement parts free of charge. Just contact customer service.
Money Back:
You can easily return your item within 14 days of purchase. Returns need to be sent to our UK warehouse. We will provide a returns label on request.

To receive your return label we will charge live shipping rates from your location to our UK warehouse in Nottingham.

Used and damaged items cannot be returned.

About us:

Beegreener have sustainability at the heart of their business and have three core values that they follow:

1. Circular Economy. Our goal is to help create a circular economy:
Refuse: refuse low quality products that are designed to break quickly. At beegreener, we design for durability and repairability. We make products that last!
Reduce: a reusable bento box instead of buying single-use plastic wrappers (timeless design).
Repair: a part of your bento box is damaged or lost? - get replacement parts instead of having to buy a full new product: save resources and money.
Reuse and Recycle: We take back your old and broken parts and give them a new life. Receive a discount on replacement parts if you return your old parts to us!

2. Carbon Neutrality: Every product has a carbon footprint, and so does ours. Our approach is:
Understand: calculate all carbon emissions along the product lifecycle.
Reduce: We develop strategies to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we switched to materials with lower carbon footprint such as bamboo. We also chose sea over air shipments to reduce our carbon footprint.
Offset: The emissions which we can't reduce, we offset through our accredited carbon offset project in Rimba Raya, Indonesia. The project is the world's largest initiative to protect and preserve highly endangered peat swamp forests. At the same time, the project supports the region's sustainable development by improving access to clean water, efficient cook stoves, and healthcare as well as providing alternative sources of income and education.

3. Social Responsibility: Our bento box is manufactured responsibly according to the BSCI code of conduct ensuring safe working conditions, fair pay, and no discrimination.
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  • Standard Delivery (3-5 business days) £4.99

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