Soniboo - Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads Compatible with Sonicare* | Deep Clean 2PK

booheads Soniboo - 2PK - Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads -Blue & Yellow | Sonicare* compatible | Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Sustainable

?  Smoothed - Soft on your lips with our light-coated bamboo. 

♻️ Biodegradable – Biodegradable & compostable hes so you can have both a clean conscience and clean teeth.

? Sustainable Materials – Beautiful swan neck-designed heads are made from bamboo and bioplastics which are renewable and sustainable.

? Eco-Conscious – Maintain your eco ethics knowing you're using an environmentally friendly product.

? Bristles – The plant-based medium bristles are combined with our multi V design making for a perfect dental clean.

?Compact Design – Easy to push on, lightweight, making them the perfect replacement head compatible with Sonicare* range.

Its structure is designed to get into gaps and cavities of your teeth, ensuring your teeth are left clean and soft. Simply push the brush head onto its fitment; turn on your toothbrush and get cleaning.

This pack features 2 multicolored bamboo electric toothbrush heads.

booheads - Bamboo, Biodegradable & Sustainable electric toothbrush heads.
We feel that you can maintain your dental health along with your eco ethics, without compromise.

*Philips® and Sonicare® are owned by a third party without any affiliation or sponsorship with booheads®

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