Top 5 Fashion Rented Sites for Your Wardrobe in 2021

One thing that the pandemic has made us all realise is that buying an outfit for that special occasion, or brunch, or just because it’s Thursday soon became not-necessary. A lot of us cleared out our wardrobes during the many lockdowns and found clothes that we have only worn once and would probably not ever wear again. So times are starting to change for the ‘only-wear-once’ consumer. Dress rental sites have never been more popular due to this very reason.

Guilt-free fashion consumption is certainly one force behind the UK’s rental appetite. A survey from Barnardo’s found that in 2019, Britons looked set to spend £2.7bn on summer outfits that will only be worn once before being thrown away. As well as contributing to landfill, our wear-once-throw-away mindset is fuelling the textile industry’s 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year – more than international flights and maritime shipping combined. With the sustainability conversation more insistent than ever, we are all looking to shop more consciously. We wanted to highlight our top 5 fashion rental sites as the world starts to open back up again. 


One of the largest fashion rental platforms in the UK, HURR connects lenders and renters with hundreds of designer pieces. HURR operates as an online marketplace with high-end designer labels listed by users and rented by users alike. You can choose from clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. It depends on the item, but it usually costs around 20% of the RRP, and the shortest rental is for 7 days. For both renters and lenders, HURR takes a 15% commission. Try it now at the HURR Collective.




2. Onloan

The dress rental subscription platform works directly with brands on a wholesale basis with current and past season stock, they are not peer to peer. They positioned their subscription model purposefully because they want to support the industry and its designers, allowing them to gain value from the ongoing longevity of a garments life cycle.

Tamsin Chislett and Natalie Hasseck created Onloan in 2018 to ‘reignite a love of clothes without the guilt’ so fashion can be ‘truly enjoyed, not consumed’ and women can dress for who they are ‘that day, that month, or even that moment’, in labels like Shrimps and Baum and Pferdgarten. Memberships can be paused or cancelled any time. From £69 a month, try it here: 



Perfect for those looking for fashion-forward, insider-favourite labels, ROTARO is a brand new fashion rental platform co-founded by former trend forecaster, Georgie Hyatt, and her partner Charlie Knowles, that's set to be the go-to for fashion insiders and influencers. ROTARO renters can find their favourite styles from contemporary luxury designers to refresh their wardrobe or as a platform to discover new brands. It uses sustainable processes where possible, from its biodegradable packaging to eco-friendly laundering and repair. You can rent dresses from as little as £15 on ROTARO.



A luxury bag subscription service, from just £49 a month you can tap into Cocoons's huge archive of quintessential handbags, from limited editions and vintage to the hottest new styles. Deliveries arrive the next day and are in perfect condition thanks to Cocoon's partnership with Restory. Launched in 2019, COCOON is a London-based monthly subscription service for lovers of designer handbags. For a £99 monthly membership you can choose a bag from the collection of the most sought-after new season, pre-owned and limited-edition styles. Try it now on COCOON.

One of the most comprehensive rental fashion services available, My Wardrobe HQ runs a huge operation and works with a smorgasbord of influencers who help retain the platform's personable approach. Its buy and borrow model allows consumers to 'try before they buy' with no hidden costs.

Customers sign up to a subscription service for just £9.99 a month and in return are given a bespoke service to fulfil all their high-end dressing requirements. Subscription also includes a home visit from an MWHQ stylist to discuss plans for what they want to achieve being a member of this exclusive fashion club. You choose an item to rent and it’s with you within two hours in London. As a rule of thumb, past-season items are listed at 10% of their RRP, while current season items are priced at between 10-30%. Sale prices are set by the owner and will vary. Rent at My Wardrobe HQ.